Sunday, June 7, 2015

Making It All Run Smoothly

Your teleseminar has gotten off to a good start.

Everyone has checked in and they have all of the materials they need to follow the teleconference in front of them.

So far so good! 

Before you start feeling too proud of yourself be aware that problems can arise at any stage during the teleseminar. Read on for some things that you should do and others you should definitely not do as you host a teleseminar.

Allow for Introductions and Chit-Chat

Do not jump right into the meat and potatoes portion of the teleseminar. Start the teleseminar on a light and friendly note much the way you would get a dinner party underway if you were hosting one. Introduce everyone and let your participants chat socially with one another for a few minutes. Some of the participants may know one another while others may not.

Allow rapport to build before you get to the content and purpose of the teleseminar. A little bit of conversation and humor helps to relax everyone and will make them feel happy and glad to be there.

Attending a teleseminar can provide an ample opportunity for each participant to self promote which can be good for their business as well as yours. You might ask each person in turn to say their name, where they are located and their business or website address.

The more people in attendance, the more exposure each person gets to potential clients and partners for their business ventures.Teleseminars are a form of networking that can show a tremendous amount of promise!

Another good reason to allow for some social time is that it is inevitable that you will have some people who will show up late. Perhaps their last meeting ran late or they had problems connecting with the bridge line. Regardless of the reasons, if you allow for a period of time before you get down to business then the latecomers will not miss any of the important information.

As a general guideline, if you are hosting a 60 minute teleseminar then give your participants the opportunity to talk to one another for anywhere from five to 10 minutes. This will also give those who do not know you the chance to learn a little more about you.

Take Action Message

One of the things that you want to get across to your audience throughout the teleseminar is to take action. The teleseminar can only accomplish so much. You need to find ways to get participants to want to learn more about the products and services that you have to offer. To do this, use the Internet as your resource and a teaching tool.

Direct the audience to a website where more information can be found. Or instead you might want to provide a link that will take participants to a page where they can download pertinent information.

If you value your product or service and know that it is worthwhile then you should be comfortable promoting it to others. Your audience will know upon registering for the teleseminar what you are selling.

Summarize Each Section

Always summarize at the end of each segment of the teleseminar so your audience members know that you are finished with a certain subject and are moving on to another. At the very end conclude in such a way that you tie everything that has been said all together in a neat and tidy fashion.

Thank your audience for their time and be receptive to any comments of feedback that they wish to offer you.

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