Thursday, June 4, 2015

Picking A Topic

The topic chosen for your teleseminar can often play a major role in whether it turns out to be a success or a bust.

So many things can go wrong with even the most organized and strategically planned online seminar that your choice of content is key. Due to the fact that content is so important, the topic you choose is something you should put a great deal of thought into.

Know Your Audience

Always know your target audience and have the inside scoop on what it is that they will want to come away from the teleseminar having learned. Know their wants and needs. It also helps to have some background information on your audience such as what level of education they possess.

They will help you to make sure you don't talk down to your audience but you don't talk over their heads either.

Choose the Topic Carefully

When considering a topic, aim for content that is accurate but also timely. Talk about events and situations that those listening and attending can relate to. It is essential that you strive for a balance between the content you choose and the style with which you conduct the teleseminar.

Choose one topic and stick with that topic. Do not jump back and forth from one topic to another. This will cause confusion amongst your audience members and it will upset the flow of the teleseminar.

Some people might find themselves getting lost if you do this and from that point on may become distracted or downright disinterested in the content. This is not what you want to happen by any means!

The topic you choose needs to be something that you can focus all of your time, energy and effort on. It helps if it is a topic that you are very knowledgeable about and comfortable talking about at length. The more passion you have about your chosen topic, the more passion will you be able to elicit from your audience!

Soft or Hard Topics

Should you go with a soft teleseminar topic or a hard topic? You need to know what the difference between the two is first. As the name implies, soft teleseminar topics deal with soft skills. These include such things as communication, motivation and leadership.

On the other hand, hard teleseminar topics look at more visible and quantifiable things such as return on investments. Soft topics appeal to a broader spectrum of people while hard topics require more of a narrowed focus.

Suggestions for Topics

There are a tremendous amount of topics that you can choose from for your teleseminar. Here are a few to get you started.

How to Build Your Online Reputation

This topic teaches your audience how to become experts online and by so doing, how to grow their business and drum up sales. You might decide to discuss how to go about getting free publicity and how to attract customers.

How to Grow and Develop Your Online (or Home-Based) Business

People are always looking for ways to grow an online or home-based business. Your teleseminar can teach them how! This topic could delve into how to start a business from the ground up and how to take it from a small venture to a money making and very lucrative one!

How to Market Your Goods and Services

All entrepreneurs are looking for tricks of the trade in terms of marketing. Provide them with the words of wisdom they need to sell their wares. You can also discuss a variety of problems that can arise when it comes to marketing and what to do.

Make sure the topic you choose for your teleseminar that can provide help and guidance in terms of solving a problem.

Always remember to choose a subject that is interesting, engaging and beneficial for your listeners!

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